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Michael Kragten

Dear sirs,

Just now I saw your advert on the website of the organisation for profesionals in the field of Dutch as a Foreign Language (BVNT2). I live in the eastern part of the so called Randstad. In the city of Utrecht, that is.

If in the near future your organisation is looking for a native teacher of Dutch in the province of Utrecht, I would like you to consider my candidacy. At present I'm teaching expats for GLT, an organisation you may well know. I'm seeking to extend my business in the region I live.

I've got several years of experience in the field and I have two bachelor degrees in Spanish, one for commercial Spanish and one for Translation. As you can see, my English is good enough to communicate with you. I've had six years of class in Grammar School, as the English call it.

I have a driver's licence, a car and a scooter. Furthermore, laptop, printer, textbooks, whiteboard etc.

My age is 50. I'm married and I've got to boys. One's 12, the other 16.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Michael Kragten